Our core investment philosophy is built upon a broad platform of high-quality, well-diversified equity and fixed income securities.

    Points of differentiation

    Proprietary research: We select equities from both growth and value shares based upon our firm’s disciplined fundamental research. 

    Diversification: To diversify equity-related investment risk, our portfolios encompass large, mid and small cap investments, both domestic and international.

    Long-term focus: As long-term investors, we look beyond the near-term uncertainties, preferring to focus on the opportunities that inevitably present themselves.

    Points of differentiation

    Diversification: Our high-quality fixed income portfolios are broadly diversified and actively managed using a limited-maturity, total return approach. 

    Opportunistic approach: We continuously monitor sector weightings, seeking to capitalize on market inefficiencies. 

    Breadth of expertise: Our experience in selecting and managing both taxable and tax-free bonds helps us maximize clients' after-tax returns.

    Our Economic Model

    Using publicly-available data, our Model is designed to signal changes in the direction of the US economy. Monthly readings of the Front Barnett Economic Model inform our rigorous research process and help shape our equity and fixed income portfolio strategy. 

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